Artist Statement 


Ksenia Senko Artist


 «Smell of the studio is so innocent – it’s the smell of the process,

which makes one feel alive»


Originally from Saint-Petersburg, based in Bali.


I came in art from fashion industry and working mostly with oil-based paints. Through art I’m showing mix of reality and fiction in abstract way using either extremely bright colors or really soft pastel tones.


As much as I like swimming in the ocean and feeling the power of waves, I enjoy myself with a palette in hands. Mix colors, swim between of them, and when catch the wave of perfect mix let it go on a canvas.


My inspiration is a feeling, which is coming from nature, people and unique moments. Some energy which appears by smears, lines, shapes making me create anything I wish and something more. 

In everyday life I pay big attention to small details believing that these small particles compose the main object, without which it would be just empty. For example microbes or small insects, subtle seeds or floating perfume in the air. Art gives me an opportunity to show life of invisible things which actually gives life to us.


In vision of the world I feel big responsibility for what I’m doing, because do believe that a canvas with a story painted on it can live a long-long life of it’s own!